Why clean the air ducts?

There are many reasons for: Protect your health Improve the quality of air you breathe Avoid fire hazards Reduce heating costs Improve the efficiency of your heating, air conditioning or air exchanger system Eliminate odors from your ducts Extend the life of your system and its components Impact and usefulness Did you know that…? Dirty […]

When should ventilation ducts be cleaned?

Before knowing how to clean your ventilation, it is necessary to know exactly when to clean them. In reality, the cleaning frequency will depend on several factors. The size of the residence, its occupancy rate, the presence or absence of a dog, cat or other domestic animal, its location (in town or in the country) […]

Know all about a dryer vent

Dryer vents and HVAC ducts play an important role in the functionality of appliances and overall heat with the cooling system. It the end, the condition of these products affects the comfort level. A dryer vent leads to carbon monoxide and overheating to poisoning; HVAC ducts (dye functional) can affect the quality of air. If […]

Know about Difference of Dryer vent cleaning and Air Duct cleaning with its types

If you’re going to manage your property in any country or Just your own home then there’re 2 sets of vents and ducts you must focus on it. Both the air duct and dryer vent has entirely different system, and it’s an important to know about them. If you’ll clean one but not the other […]

AC Coils

Dial 4 Duct is the true SPECIALIST in cleaning of air conditioners including AC Coils. Professionals are equipped with the latest tools and they use unique process.  We provide deep cleaning and disinfection services all across Ontario. Call our expert today to decontaminate your air conditioner. We provide you 100% satisfaction and assures all components […]


  Why Air Ducts Cleaning is required? Your ventilation ducts, over time, are a reservoir of household or office dust, a reservoir of mites and bacterial endotoxins. Exposure to these allergens occurs when the dust is suspended in the air. It is therefore very important to minimize the dust inside your pipes by performing an […]

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent cleaning should not wait until the duct is clogged. Dryer ducts must be preventively cleaned before problems occur. Clogged ducts causes several problems, the worst of which is the outbreak of a fire. It is your responsibility to do your homework to avoid such a disaster. Dirt, dust, lint, building debris and bird […]


Furnaces produce heat and keep our homes warm during the colder months. The home heating system ensures that the temperature of the house is not too cold and that the health of its occupants does not suffer any negative effects. The furnace is a central part of our life at home. That’s why furnaces are […]