furnace cleaning

Furnaces produce heat and keep our homes warm during the colder months. The home heating system ensures that the temperature of the house is not too cold and that the health of its occupants does not suffer any negative effects. The furnace is a central part of our life at home. That’s why furnaces are a common feature in Canadian homes, especially in the Ontario. The furnace takes care of us, we should also take care of it.

Why does your furnace need cleaning?

Dirt accumulates in the furnace and must be removed. Dust causes the furnace not to heat efficiently and thus not be able to produce enough heat. It can also cause the emission of smoke that can bring big health problems. Dirt affects the three essential components of your furnace. So cleaning it regularly is an integral part of the maintenance routine. The three components of the furnace that should be cleaned are the filter system, the fan and the motor.

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The cleaning process comprises four steps:

1: Cleaning of the outside: The outside of the furnace is exposed to dirt such as dust and cobwebs. Our team sweeps the outside and cleans any other dirt.

2: Cleaning of the fan chamber: The fan openings are often clogged with dirt and must be cleaned. We access the fan by removing the cover that covers the filter. Insert the special cleaning brushes to remove the accumulated dust inside the fan. Then, with the blower hose we remove any dust and debris that fell during brushing. Finally oil is added to humidify the fan motors.

3: Cleaning of the filter: Our expert inspects the filter after removing it to see if it is dirty or damaged. If it is damaged, we replace it. If it is dirty and not disposable, we wash it with special foam specifically made for this purpose

4: Cleaning of the combustion chamber: We open the combustion chamber and clean it with the special brushes. We brush the accumulated dust and use a damp cloth to clean it. We also use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust we have already brushed.

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Dal 4 Duct Expert’s Advice

If you have not already done so, ask your heating expert to install a carbon monoxide detector for your safety.

On the environment side, a well-ordered furnace will emit much less pollutant and fine particles.

Be aware that a neglected furnace will cost you much more to operate than the cost of inspection and annual maintenance. Hence the importance of giving full importance to an annual maintenance plan just as you would for your car. This will extend the life of your furnace and save money.