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Why Air Ducts Cleaning is required?

Your ventilation ducts, over time, are a reservoir of household or office dust, a reservoir of mites and bacterial endotoxins. Exposure to these allergens occurs when the dust is suspended in the air. It is therefore very important to minimize the dust inside your pipes by performing an efficient air duct cleaning. When your dryer duct / hose is clogged, the airflow is significantly reduced, causing your dryer to warm up and malfunction. Highly flammable lint accumulates around electrical components and the heating element, which greatly increases the risk of fire. The cleaning of air exchanger and heat recovery systems can effectively solve your air quality and mold problems found in your windows and walls. While reducing the humidity and odors that contaminate your home they must be maintained well with a good cleaning of air ducts according to a frequency that we can estimate.

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Apart from Duct Cleaning Services, we are able to provide other services such as Furnace Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Central Vacuum etc.

Dial 4 Duct’s Expert advice:

 It is strongly recommended to take advantage of the presence of technicians to clean the exhaust ducts of the kitchen hood, the bathroom fan and especially the dryer because the lint quickly accumulates in the hose of the latter. Affecting its effectiveness and increasing the risk of fire. Between professional cleanings (ideally every two years), occasionally remove the return grilles from the ventilation ducts and vacuum with a soft brush in the first feet of the ducts. Since that is where the dust and the debris accumulates the most. And do not forget to dust off the filters regularly. Replace them twice a year, especially if you have pets. A dirty filter restricts the air supply and reduces the dryer’s efficiency.

Residential duct cleaning


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You want to improve the air quality inside your home, reduce the amount of mold and allergen, significantly reduce dust and improve the airflow of your heating / ventilation system and lower your energy costs. Use Canada’s certified ventilation duct cleaner! We offer a custom duct cleaning service; every contract, no matter how large, deserves our full attention and attention to detail and quality. Complete cleaning of the furnace offered! Air exchanger cleaning Dryer Duct Cleaning

You want to improve the air quality in your workspaces, reduce the amount of mold and allergen, significantly reduce dust and improve the airflow of your heating / ventilation system and reduce your energy costs and the health of your employees.

We offer a custom duct cleaning service; every contract, no matter how large, deserves our full attention.


Q1:   What are the benefits of cleaning the ducts of the ventilation system?Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Heating and air conditioning equipment accumulates dirt and a variety of contaminants such as molds, fungi, bacteria and very small dust particles that can affect overall health. Disposal of these residues is essential to an overall plan to improve indoor air quality.

Q2:   Why Choose Dial 4 Duct

Ans: We have been cleaning the air ducts for over 15 years. All our technicians have been trained in the cleaning of ventilation ducts and carefully follow the professional standards in practice.

Q3:   How often should residential systems be cleaned?

Ans: The frequency of cleaning depends on several factors and the preferences of the owner. Some factors must be considered to determine the optimal frequency.

  • Smoker, inside Pets who lose large amounts of hair.
  • Residents suffering from allergies or asthma requires better indoor air quality.
  • Following renovations or a disaster before the occupation of a new house.

Q4:   How do we clean the ventilation ducts at Dial 4 Duct?

Ans: The most effective way to clean the air and ventilation ducts is to place the system under negative pressure. Thanks to the use of specialized and powerful vacuum cleaners. While the system is under vacuum, specially designed brushes are inserted into the ducts to dislodge any debris that can be adhered to the interior surfaces and then be sucked up.

Q5:   Do I need an antimicrobial treatment?

Ans: If we have detected the presence of microbial contamination, such as fungi (molds), viruses or bacteria. Antimicrobial chemicals may be applied after cleaning the system. We only use products that are certified by Environment Canada. This treatment is an extra service that is not part of a cleaning and maintenance of normal air ducts.

Q6:   How can I tell if the cleaning has been effective?

Ans: At Dial 4 Duct we perform a visual inspection in your presence during the submission before and after cleaning the system. Although you can do your own visual inspection using a flashlight and mirror, our professionals use specialized inspection tools and we have a strict cleaning checklist that ensures quality workmanship.