dryer vent cleaning

Dryer Vent cleaning should not wait until the duct is clogged. Dryer ducts must be preventively cleaned before problems occur. Clogged ducts causes several problems, the worst of which is the outbreak of a fire. It is your responsibility to do your homework to avoid such a disaster.

Dirt, dust, lint, building debris and bird nests can all obstruct the ducts of your dryer and can have disastrous consequences, such as:

  • Fire hazard
  • High energy expenditure
  • Longer drying time
  • Accelerated wear of your drying device

How often?

The answer depends on your installation and also the use made of your dryer. In some cases, it is important to periodically clean the dryer duct preventively every year and in other cases it is not necessary. In the case where the duct is very short, say one meter, you can clean it yourself with a vacuum cleaner. Preventative cleaning of the dryer duct is a good way to save on your electricity bills. Poorly cleaned dryer ducts frequently cause fires, yet it’s so easy to prevent a fire so foolishly.

Steps to follow if your dryer has stopped producing heat

 If your dryer stays cold before thinking of calling a repairer or cleaning the duct, follow the simple steps.

Step 1: Check if the heat level selector button has accidentally been changed.

Step 2: Check your fuse panel. Put “off” and put “on”, the fuse of the dryer. And run the dryer to reset. If the dryer is running again it is possible that the electrical box breaker has been blown due to abnormal dryer strain. In this case, a cleaning of the dryer duct is recommended.

Step 3: If you’re dryer behaves abnormally because of poor drainage, the fuse in the dryer will eventually burn. This is where the dryer will stop producing heat and you will need to have it repaired

Step 4: If your dryer is losing efficiency or remains cold, cleaning time has come. Call the Dial 4 Duct’s repairer.

Installation, Inspection or Cleaning of the Duct of your Dryer: Call Now 647-877-8368

Whether your dryer is for residential or commercial use, our certified technicians inspect, clean and repair according to international standards.

Dial 4 Duct has the expertise to solve your problem. We have all equipment, ducts, vents and anti-bird screens to clean, repair or refurbish your dryer ventilation system.

Our specialized technicians use the positive / negative pressure method to optimize the cleaning quality of the ducts. Thus, the duct and the outer hatch will be cleaned. If we detect an alteration or a defect in the hatch, we can replace it at an affordable price, according to your request.

We clean the dryer ducts with a long flexible rod connected to an air compressor that blows a powerful jet of air. The end of the stem is also equipped with a small rotating brush that removes dirt and destroys the plugs in its path. The air jet is very powerful and can blow the lint to the mouth of the duct to evacuate outside. The work is done from the outside by the hatch of the dryer outlet on the roof or wall of the building. Flexible cleaning rods can be several hundred feet long for installations with very long ducts.

Expert Advice

Use the air purifiers easily available in the market. These are specifically designed to remove dust inside your premises. Also use HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. HEPA filters almost remove up to 99.99% of dust particles, helping you to control and reduce dust particles inside your Premises.