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Why maintain a central vacuum?

The answer seems logical: to ensure optimal suction and ensure a good life of the device. However, we must go into detail to realize that a few simple actions can avoid big hassles like pipes that clog, a motor that runs out of steam or a suction decreased by at least 1/3 of its capacity. Easier to maintain than a vacuum cleaner sled, centralized vacuum system still requires that we look at it from time to time.

Without regular maintenance of the centralized vacuum, your central vacuum can risk heart attack. If the pipe system is partially clogged, the tank is full, in addition you suck a little water and mixed dust, the engine will force up to suffocate. And during its slow agony, it will pump more and more energy and thus increase your electricity bill, suck less and less effectively and wear more quickly.

When to clean your central vacuum system?

Unlike the sled vacuum cleaner where maintenance is weekly or even daily in some cases, the central vacuum system will take yours only a few hours three or four times a year.

 How Dial 4 Duct Team Works?

Between the use of Modern Techniques, experts are equipped with the latest tools to improve the life and efficiency of your central vacuum unit. Procedure includes:

  • The cleaning of the tank or the bag of the central vacuum system. Usually, we replace the bags if they are worn, depending on the condition.
  • The cleaning of the engine filter: it is important to check that it is not too crowded with dust or clumps that have formed. A dirty filter is less likely to pass air and leads to the deterioration of the device.
  • The cleaning of the pipe network. Although the aspiration at 100 km / hour of the dust acts as a kind of polishing by sandblasting of the inside of the pipes. It can happen that a mixture of water and dust forms a cluster which forms a plug. We use Specific products in the form of wipes or balls to clean the ducts. We also disinfect the pipes to kill any bacteria present.
  • Replacement of Motor coals. Coals wear out and you have to think about changing them regularly. They must be changed every year.

Expert Advice

Installing a central vacuum system makes cleaning of a home or office much easier. Instead of dragging a bulky vacuum cleaner from one room to another, all you need is a piece of hose.The dirt and debris are collected in a central repository. Installing a centralized system can be done in a single day in most homes.

Some More Tips


The most convenient time to install a central vacuum system is during the new construction, before drywall has been installed.


Plan inbound locations, carefully plan the entry locations for them to be convenient, while covering the maximum surface area with each one.


Wiring the power supply – Like most home appliances, a central vacuum system uses a 110-volt power connection. The easiest way to provide 110 volt power for the inputs is to connect directly to the nearest outlet. Consult an electrician if you are not sure how to properly use this source of electricity.


Check with your local city office to determine if permits are required to install a suction unit.