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Dial 4 Duct is the true SPECIALIST in cleaning of air conditioners including AC Coils. Professionals are equipped with the latest tools and they use unique process.  We provide deep cleaning and disinfection services all across Ontario. Call our expert today to decontaminate your air conditioner. We provide you 100% satisfaction and assures all components and all parts are cleared.

Cleaning your filters is not enough! Although it is important to inspect and clean your air conditioner. Attempting deep cleaning yourself is not recommended. Some duct components are very difficult to access without the right tools and expertise. You may damage your device and increase the risk of exposure to mold and other toxins. A poorly maintained heat pump air conditioner is not only less efficient, but fouling or contamination of internal components. Which are beyond inspection visual. It can cause serious health problems that are often misdiagnosed.

Maintenance is essential: it preserves the quality of your air.

Air conditioning plays an important role in the clarity of the air. There are several key components in an Air Conditioner that can have an impact on air quality if they are not cleaned regularly. Air Conditioners are often improperly installed, which can result in the continually receiving of dust and dirt. It is recommended that the blower be cleaned every year.

Just like the furnace, the elements of your air conditioning system can become clogged with time. When these are covered with dirt and dust, your system must work harder because of a lack of air circulation. The air that emanates from it will be warmer than normal.

If proper air circulation through the Air Conditioner is not achieved, it will start emitting moist and damp air. This moist air will accumulate moisture on the surfaces and walls of your room, creating an ideal environment for the growth of biological contaminants. Dial 4 Duct is in charge of cleaning all the components of your Air Conditioner including fins, filters, drain, and outdoor compressor. Creation of Healthy environment is our core responsibility.

Maintain the quality of your air

The maintenance of air conditioners and heat pumps is essential for the proper functioning of these devices. Without regular maintenance by a professional (minimum once a year for low use) you may encounter:

  • The loss of the manufacturer’s warranty on spare parts for recent installations.
  • Filters clog and cause breakage of some expensive parts.
  • Bacteria can grow.
  • Air conditioner performance is below normal.
  • Condensate leaks.
  • Electric over-consumption.

We are certified, qualified and specially trained professionals for cleaning and restoring the air quality inside your home.

Maintenance and repairs

All air conditioning and heating systems require regular maintenance. Dial 4 Duct offers a complete service of maintenance and verification of the heating and air conditioning devices.

Is your device defective or funny? Dial 4 Duct offers Maintenance and repair service for air conditioning and heating appliances.

“Quality goes through a professional team”

From the administrative to the technical, we make every effort to satisfy all our customers. All our technicians are qualified and equipped to completely check your installation and detect any technical failures. Their intervention allows you to ensure the longevity and performance of your devices.

Dial 4 Duct Premium Services

Just pay a little up and get a dedicated maintenance service. A simple call from you, and we advise you on a service adapted to your needs. Maintenance can be done with or without a contractual commitment.





Dial 4 Duct’s Expert Advice:

How often should I go for the service of my heating and Air Conditioning equipment’s? 

Your equipment’s should be inspected, cleaned and services at least once a year. Best practice is to have the Air conditioner serviced in the spring and heating system should be serviced in the fall.