Know about Difference of Dryer vent cleaning and Air Duct cleaning with its types

If you’re going to manage your property in any country or Just your own home then there’re 2 sets of vents and ducts you must focus on it. Both the air duct and dryer vent has entirely different system, and it’s an important to know about them. If you’ll clean one but not the other then the work is not done properly and your job is not complete.

It’s important to get both dryer vent and air duct cleaning as it is the main issue for energy efficiency and even health on property.    Let’s read about them

Dryer vents are based on a self-contained system that some people don’t understand or realize. They’re linked directly with a set of dryers. It depends on the arrangement of your building. Every home is different from each other and dryer vent cleaning takes 30 to 60 minutes. Its outlet will either be at ground level to a dryer or coming out of the roof.

When the dryer vent is cleaned then it’s important the entire system must clean- starts with lint trap and ends on vent flap. Debris and lint’s are built in one point of the line. If there’s any obstruction then it’s a potential fire hazard with energy waster.

  • Air duct cleaning

The air duct in building starts at its HVAC System – wind throughout the walls and ceilings of a property.  Air duct is complicated in layout than a dryer vent and it will prevent main cleaning challenges as they give a complete look of crannies and nooks when dust. Debris, dirt can be trapped.

A dirty air duct can’t be a ‘fire hazard’ not like driver vent, however it has still serious ‘health hazards’.  They are a breeding ground for mildew, mold and other bacteria. If it is too long but without cleaning then it can become home to a variety of vermin. It’ll produce a steady stream of pollutants that are blown in the entire building and every time the HVAC works.

Advantages of Dryer Vent Cleaning

With longer life and a lower bill, a dryer vent cleaning process is not very expensive. This process will pay for itself. You’ll mention it with peace-of-mind you’ll have cleaned vent from dangerous fire hazards. There’re different companies provided best services in low rate.

Scheduling cleaning of a dryer vent

A dryer vent is properly cleaned by ‘Healthy Living Carpet & Tile Cleaning’. We’ve training and tools needed and we can reach deep into a dryer vent for cleaning all debris that occurs with the lining of pipes (ventilation process). During this process a dryer vent, we’ve to insert a long ‘vacuum tube’ and brush into this pipe. This vacuum is used to destroy any debris within a pipe which is the reason of blockage. Some solid masses that can be attached on walls of pipe will be removed with the snake brush.

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